The Last Laugh Book
The Last Laugh Book

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The book, inspired by a photo that was taken after a successful game that helped reverse the Philadelphia Eagles losing streak and paved their way to the Super Bowl XV. It depicts, not only the emotion felt after a winning game, but the joy that comes from any accomplishment against the odds, in the face of naysayers and doubters.

Dennis Franks and Vince Papale At Superbowl XV
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From The Book

There are universal fundamentals that undergird every great achievement. Those fundamentals help you figure out where you want to go in life and provide a map for getting there.

We have identified seven timeless universals in the Victor's Code. This code is all the magical pieces that cracked the code of victory; it's something we discovered. This code is written on the bottoms of our feet and embedded deep in our souls.

The saying goes, "Pass the truth to the next generation. Teach them early what we learn late." If you are just starting out in life, we are passing the baton of truth to you in the hope that it will shorten the learning curve considerably. Learn it, internalize it, and enjoy the journey.


Victor's Code

Your journey begins with your Why. Your Why will be your catalyst to see clearly your vision and the fuel that drives you to victory. It must make sense and be something that compels you to keep moving forward through adversity and distractions.


Mark Wahlberg

Academy Award-nominated actor and entrepreneur

Bottom line: vision, hard work,
and staying the course are more important than money, experience and connections when it comes to success in sports and in life. With their extraordinary careers in both sports and business, Vince and Dennis are living proof of this.

Ray Didinger

Sportswriter and commentator, author, member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Vince Papale and Denny Franks
give new meaning to the term «special teams». Their against-all-odds story of life in the NFL and after will inspire you.

Carl Peterson

Former president, general manager, and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs

The Last Laugh includes their
code of success, The Victor's Code. That code offers an excellent game plan and business plan for any endeavor. The proof in their formula of success is what they have each accomplished, not only on the football field, but, more importantly, off the football field.

The Last Laugh, by Vince Papale and Dennis Franks (Hardcover)

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Learn the code that has driven the achievements of elite athletes and entrepreneurs across the professional space. Whatever your circumstances and whatever your challenges, you too can earn your last laugh.