The Difference Between Success and Failure

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Success mentor Dennis Franks will clearly identify why some people fail and why others succeed. It really has nothing to do with luck. The real factors come to play when people understand their abilities and how to maximize them to achieve their goals. Defining failure is eye opening and turns a new perspective on success.

Key Lessons

  • There will be no more excuses when it comes to winning and losing. “The Poor Me Syndrome” will be pushed aside for a lifetime.
  • We will also identify and discuss the things that take little or no talent that we are all born with. We will learn how to bring them to the forefront giving an individual a strategic advantage over their competition.
  • We will identify universal work systems that will apply to employees, management and field personal. Systems that will define how to measure, monitor, adjust and control the important tasks.


In simplest terms, audiences will develop accountability programs that will create internal drive that is worthy of recognition based on meritocracy. Success will become imminent for those that apply themselves to information contained in this session.

Every high energy, informative talk is customized to best suit your organization. Content can be customized based on the specific message needed for any occasion. Entertainment, education, and interaction comes with every event. Duration of each speech is also customizable for required event timing.

What People Are Saying About Dennis Franks

Dennis Franks definitely
lives up to his nickname of "Mr. Energy" and totally infuses that energy into every single person in the room. His business and personal coaching has really changed me. My why now moves me deep in my soul. My goals and business plan are more definitive and with a timeline of achievements. I am seeing the results in outcomes of success. Focus, action, consistency and staying the course... words I now live by.

Kathy Bair, California

Being a Business Owner
and Entrepreneur for over 25 years, I have learned the key to success is education then taking action on what you learn. I have attended several corporate trainings with Dennis Franks as the featured speaker. In implementing what I’ve learned from Dennis, I have created a positive impact and growth with my businesses. He has also helped me enjoy personal growth and become a better individual. His passion, motivation, mentorship and enthusiasm to help others succeed is incredible!

Bob Adams, Pennsylvania

His personal experience
in creating successful businesses from the ground up gives him the "big picture" as well as all of the little pieces that need to be put in place to make a brilliant canvas come to life. Dennis Franks is real, authentic, and I am grateful for everything that I have learned from him to create a successful business of my own, and in doing so create a beautiful life for myself and my family.

Barbara Montgomery, Pennsylvania