Life is a Contact Sport

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Whether teaching, marketing, or selling, it all begins with great communication skills. No matter what we do, if you are a great communicator, your outcome will be 9 times out of 10 exactly what you set out to achieve. We all have the ability to communicate and this presentation speaks to the skill set necessary to communicate effectively to people across generations.

Key Lessons

  • Every action causes a reaction, so when you do communicate; make sure your efforts will have the greatest impact.
  • You will learn to expect the unexpected and to optimize the opportunity.
  • We will speak to how to influence and unlock the insights of persuasion to increase your odds of success.
  • Simply said, you must seek first to understand, then be understood.


The audience will leave with a new sense of confidence when engaging people in conversation. Every meaningful conversation contributes to the beginning of a relationship that can result in more conversation. The more conversation one has, the more one learns and the more effective one becomes in delivering a message or a solution that can lead to opportunity.

Every high energy, informative talk is customized to best suit your organization. Content can be customized based on the specific message needed for any occasion. Entertainment, education, and interaction comes with every event. Duration of each speech is also customizable for required event timing.

What People Are Saying About Dennis Franks

When Dennis Franks speaks
he delivers content that is sticky, you will remember the impact it makes on your life. The past 30 years I’ve had the privilege of traveling and listening to dynamic speakers, however Dennis stands out from them all with the ability to relate in a practical way, meet you where you are to nudge you upward.

Trina White Maduro, Arizona

We have known Dennis
Franks for 21 years. We are continually impressed by his incredible wealth and depth of knowledge. Dennis trains with heart, the utmost enthusiasm, and incredible passion. His attitude towards training is unparalleled, always done with charm and expression; the audience is never bored. Instead, they learn so much and often forget the passing of time. Dennis always delivers the right message in a simple and understandable style.

Alice Chiou, California

When I am stalled
on a project, I think back to the lessons learned from Dennis and get the inspiration to move forward finding a way to make it work. When I need a spark for myself or the organization, there is one name that comes to mind "Dennis Franks".

Ruben Jara, Columbia