Last Laugh… Vision to Victory

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Anyone who has ever shared their Dream or Vision, or set lofty goals has experienced the “naysayers” or “friendly enemies” who look to their aspirations as some impossible dream. They often discourage verse encourage your efforts. The Last Laugh is for anyone who is committed to see their vision through to victory and savor the moment of success knowing they did it. The Last Laugh will guide you through a Victors Code that will pave the way for your current and future Visions.

Key Lessons

  • The Last Laugh will take you through the Victors Code. Seven Codes that cross generations that will help you define your Vision and materialize a path for you to follow.
  • You will learn how to practice valor on a daily basis overcoming the obstacles that line your way.
  • We will discuss fueling your passion and becoming Vehement about your mission.
  • We will take time to understand Veracity and how it plays into long term success and discuss the difference between a giver and taker.
  • We will talk to the journey and how to be conditioned to go the distance both physically and mentally and finish with Victory and what that really means.


Audience members will leave with an increased preparedness to attack each day. They will be inspired to become self-starters and will internalize what it means to make a difference on a daily basis. Listeners will not only feel good about the information they receive, they will want to act upon it to maximize their potential to experience the Last Laugh.

Every high energy, informative talk is customized to best suit your organization. Content can be customized based on the specific message needed for any occasion. Entertainment, education, and interaction comes with every event. Duration of each speech is also customizable for required event timing.

What People Are Saying About Dennis Franks

Dennis Franks is a
knowledgeable, experienced business executive that has honed his skills in marketing, sales, and motivational speaking. He's extremely unique in his ability to get people fired up and ready to achieve!

James Bolden, Illinois

I have had the good
fortune in my life to meet, be mentored and to be taught by extraordinary men and women in very different fields ranging from neurophysiology to spirituality to biochemistry to economics. Dennis Franks stands tall among these remarkable people. He shares with these people a vast knowledge that is deep and wise, and the ability to share it in ways that the listener can truly understand, and then immediately put into action.

Barbara Montgomery, Pennsylvania

On March 2016
I attended a seminar in Cuernavaca Mexico, the speaker was Dennis Franks. For me it wasn't a seminar, it was "the seminar". In less that 2 hours, Dennis presented how to identify a desired outcome of a project and break it down in to the results-producing activities.

Ruben Jara, Columbia