Worksheet - Code Vision


A formula for success learned from successful people whom you trust; or a formula learned through personal experience.

CODE VISION: What successful people do.

Successful people continually clarify exactly what they want to achieve, develop an action plan to get there and manage their emotions along the way.


  1. It starts with a dream [bucket list].
    • Plan a retreat
    • Brainstorm what you want to accomplish for the next 20 years.
    • Don’t prejudge it, just write it down.
    • Focus on GOALS, not TO-DO’s
    GOAL - $1,000,000 in investments.
    TO DO - Organize and review my financial statements with my accountant. How to discern the difference? A goal gets you excited, a to do list does not.
    • Think about what life will be like if you don’t attain that goal. If that thought is not painful to you, it is unlikely you will sustain your commitment to reaching that goal. Take it off your list!
      • Establish a deadline
        • Deadlines creates urgency.
        • Urgency creates focus and resourcefulness.
        • Focus on the things you passionately want NOW!
          It’s okay if it is only a few things.
          • Determine the pin level you need to reach that goal.
            • Establish sub-goals that support that main goal [set a deadline for each]
              Example: 10 customers by June 1, 2 partners by July 1, first $300 check etc.
              • Create an action plan based on answers to these questions
                • What daily disciplines will I need to practice?
                • What new skills do I need to learn?
                • What other resources do I need?
                • What relationships do I need to cultivate?
                • Vet your vision. [Answer yes or no]
                  • Do I believe it is possible for ME to achieve this?
                  • Do I have a strong desire to achieve this?
                  • Is the timing right?
                  • Am I ready to find and invest in the resources I need?
                  • Am I willing to create and commit to an action plan?
                  If the answer is NO to any of the questions, take if off the list [for now.]
                • Write down your vision statement and create a vision board.
                  • What you want.
                  • What it feels like to achieve it.
                  • Embrace this WISDOM for the journey.
                    • Envision yourself doing the stuff.
                    • Expect to succeed.
                    • Don’t let people stop you.
                    • Don’t let moods stop you.
                    • Don’t let circumstances stop you.
                    • If things don’t go as planned, call an audible.

                  Analyze your opportunities and obstacles. Adapt to them. Achieve [make it happen]

                  • Remember your reason why.
                  • Get up dust yourself and go for it again.
                  • Enjoy your LAST LAUGH!
                  • For more details on THE VICTORS CODE read THE LAST LAUGH. Details can be found on

                  Download The Code Vision Worksheet Now [PDF].