The Victor's Code

One of the benefits of living 6 decades is you begin to see patterns. “When I do this, the outcome is good. When I do that, the outcome is bad.” Those who pay attention to these patterns, are the ones who succeed. Those who refuse to listen to life’s lessons, are the ones doomed to failure.

Albert Einstein nailed it. The definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” A code of success helps crystallize what’s working. It reduces it to simple memorable phrases, and transforms it into a mantra.

My fellow Philadelphia Eagles teammate, Vince Papale and I took time to write down our code. We call it the Victors Code. It includes the fundamentals that undergird every successful thing we have ever done. We unpack those fundamentals in THE VICTORS CODE in our book, THE LAST LAUGH.

Here is an outline of the code:

Vision—the state of being able to see.

Valor—possessing exceptional courage and determination.

Vehemence—showing great energy or passion.

Veracity—the habit of speaking the truth.

Vitality—the life force or ability to live. 

Vigor—the ability to thrive and survive.

Victory—the accomplishment of an aim of purpose.

As we interviewed elite performers in sports, entertainment and business, we discovered the code was implicit in their success journey too.

Included in our VICTORS CODE Hall of Fame are:

Pat Croce—Former President of Philadelphia 76ers, author of Lead or Get Off the Pot!: The Seven Secrets of a Self-Made Leader

Bo Eason—Playwright of Runt of the Litter, former San Francisco 49ers defensive back

Cosmo DeNicola—Serial entrepreneur and humanitarian

Jim Harbaugh—Former NFL Quarterback, Head Coach of Michigan Wolverines

Mariel Hemingway—Oscar-nominated actress, author, and activist

Helie Lee—Author of Still Life with Rice, documentarian of Macho Like Me, activist

Colonel Tom Manion—Gold Star father, author, founder of Travis Manion Foundation

Heather Mitts Feeley—Gold-medal Olympian in Soccer, TV analyst, host of Soccer Superstar 

Ken Mok—Producer and director of America’s Next Top Model, founder of 10x10 Entertainment

JR Ridinger—Founder of Market America Inc., Business visionary, entrepreneur

Brian Rutenberg—Award-winning painter, author of Clear Seeing Place

Dick Vermeil—Former Head Coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, analyst, entrepreneur

The first step to cracking the code is getting the book. You can order it here: