Self Talk That Changes Your Mind

Research has shown that we can change our mood by changing the ‘tone’ of the things we say to ourselves. Listen to your inner conversations. When faced with a challenge that is causing a cascade of negative thoughts:

  • Stop

  • Relax

  • Reframe

Ask yourself, “What good lessons am I learning from this situation? This simple question will clear your mind so you can focus on finding solutions for problems that need to be solved.

Self-talk has another highly effective form – Visualization. This involves envisioning an outcome, based on preparation and training. You ‘live the moment’ in your mind, before it occurs. This simple process is preparation for the actual encounter. It stokes confidence and inspires the belief that what you aim for will be achieved.  It will give you the winning edge.

Vince Papale and I offer a detailed system for achieving a winning vision in our book – THE LAST LAUGH.