Picking Your Teammates

There are so many factors that go into that process of creating a great NFL team. There are a lot of fast and furious moving parts. Often the General Manager and coaches are faced with choosing between players that have the same skill set. The fact is this; it takes more than the right skill set to create a great team. Chemistry, the chemistry between the teammates can make or break the team. It can be the difference maker between an average team and a championship team.
As a business leader or an entrepreneur there will be times when you will have to pick a team: employees, project managers or business partners. Sometimes you can be trapped into partnerships with people you like to have a beer with, but they aren’t necessarily the people you want to be shoulder to shoulder with on a daily basis. The wrong people will sabotage your goals, and make life miserable for you. So how do you pick them? 
Once you have identified people who have the skill set you need, ask a few questions. 

  1. Communication – Does the team member communicate and listen well? 

  2. Learning – Is the teammate always striving to learn more?

  3. Receptive – Is the teammate receptive to feedback.

  4. Pleasure – Do I like hanging out with them?

  5. Work Ethic – Can they match yours?

  6. Ambition – Do they aspire to greatness?

If you can’t say, “Yes!” to each of these questions, you might need to keep looking.  

In THE LAST LAUGH, there is a section dedicated to maintaining your VIGOR through partnering with the right people. Take some time to read it.