Making Your Move to Become Uncomfortable

Through many years of leading by example and coaching an enormous number of entrepreneurs, I have learned many things. However, the one thing that sticks out in my mind is, your comfort zone being a beautiful place, but nothing ever happens there?

It’s time to get uncomfortable and face the inconvenience of success.

There is never enough time and, when there is, the timing is rarely right. You will never have enough education and there is always need for more preparation. You’re probably not dressed correctly and it’s probably a bad time to call.

Is it procrastination, lack of confidence, or worry that you may be asked a question you don’t have an answer for? Is it fear of failure or just plain fear? Whichever it is, it is time for a change of heart, a different philosophy and a take action mentality to do what has worked for me in making things happen.

Fear is nothing more than a paper tiger. It looks fierce but it is paper thin. You can poke a hole through it or tear it up. You have to overcome that fear. You have to calculate what your hesitation is costing you.

Are you sacrificing your dream?

You have heard the phrase “Ready, Aim, Fire”, but now it is time to change that phrase to “Ready, Fire, Aim”. I’ve learned that no matter how much I prepare, there is always a need for adjustment. I’ve learned that your first move will seldom be right and in all aspects of business - even when you know your content - there will always be a need to adjust. In our business, it can be the content or cost of an order, a time to meet, providing more information, or simply conducting a trial run supporting a no-decision close from an evaluation approach.

Feed your mind with the right information. You know, the good information that helps you envision a very positive outcome like audios, our great seminars and events, and amazing self- help books. Reflect on your “why” and decide to manage your stress and fears. When the time comes and that paper tiger shows its fierce face, embrace the fear, feel the fear, and take action anyway. I promise that it won’t be so bad, and you will learn a great deal from the experience.

Now - Ready, Fire. Aim!