Gaining An Edge

There are some fundamentals that have helped me in my success journey. I have learned them from my own experiences and from the wise mentoring of others.

  1. BE THE ULTIMATE STUDENT: Stay in learning mode. Develop new skills sets and strategies. Learn everything you can from the successful people who made it in your area of passion. When possible speak to the person directly and when not possible, speak to the people who supported his or her effort in success.

  2. IDENTIFY THE BASICS: There are basic strategies in every business. Figure them out and apply them. In football those basics were, BLOCK AND TACKLE, MAKE FIRST DOWNS, PLAY A SOLID DEFENSE, WIN THE TAKEAWAY BATTLE.  These fundamentals built championship teams. In my UNFRANCHISE business, JR Ridinger, Founder and CEO of the Market America, Inc. handed me the basics. He called them THE BASIC FIVE: Attitude and Knowledge; Goal Setting and Action Plan; Retailing: Prospecting, Recruiting and Sponsoring; Follow up and the ABC Pattern of Duplication. I learned them and embraced them. It is a success code for entrepreneurs in the Direct Sales Industry. Those basics helped me create a winning team of UNFRANCHISE OWNERS, which contributed to the multi-billion-dollar growth of the company, Market America, Inc.
  3. SHINE IN YOUR AREA OF GIFTEDNESS: Look for that edge, that differentiator that makes you standout or excel.  How many of you remember Randy White? He was an all pro defensive tackle with the Dallas Cowboys. Randy did not have a size advantage, in fact, for his position he was somewhat undersized, but he was quick and strong. What gave him his edge was Randy White would never quit a play. He played 100% of the play to the point that if you wanted to block him, you had to lay on top of him until the whistle blew. I know that from personal experience with this man.  Today, when I watch JJ Watt play for the Houston Texans, I see a bigger, faster and stronger version of Randy White but Randy set the standard so that others could follow. 

    In sports your edge might be speed, agility or strength. In business your edge might be – exceptional networking skills, closing the deal, or following up. Find your skills and SHINE!

  4. KNOW AND FULFILL YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: You must know the team goals and the tasks at hand for achieving them. Missed assignments [MAs] mean losing a game in football and ultimately a place on the team. In corporate jobs it can mean losing the promotion or even the job. In entrepreneurial ventures it can mean financial loss and setbacks in business.

Embracing these basic practices can give you the edge. In THE LAST LAUGH you will find an overview of the fundamentals undergirding success in all endeavors – health, wealth and relationships.